Aviation Plus, Inc.

Founded in 1986, is an aircraft instrument, avionics and accessory repair facility located in Miami, Florida. We are FAA/EASA certified in Classes I, II, III & IV instrument repair, Accessory Class III and Limited Radio.

Our overhaul and repair capabilities cover commercial, military, helicopter, air transport, commuter and corporate aircraft.

We specialize in all flight and engine indicators including remote gyros as well as accessories including search lights, static inverters, voltage regulators and blower motors. Our avionic radio capabilities include VOR, ILS & NAV indicators along with control heads and communication equipment.

All manuals are current which ensures that all our overhauls and repairs are performed to the latest manufacturer’s specifications. We not only offer quality workmanship backed by a reliable technical staff with over 150 years of hands-on experience, we are also cost competitive.

All work orders are detailed and priced for your approval before completion and a complete tear down report is supplied with each returned unit. In addition an overhaul or repair will never exceed 65% of the new replacement cost.